Can U ID

This page will have items we have in stock but can't put a exact identification on them. Hopefully someone out there can. No matter how hard we try to id pieces there are always those few that remain a mystery. Please drop us a email if you know any of the below units.


 This one throws us. Size of a letterman style jacket patch and chenille embroidered.

But has the boxing eagle from the USAF 335th Fighter squadron, a torpedo and possibly a E award.

No matter what it is cool.


Vietnamese made, possibly a Air Commando / Gunship unit


Found this once on a quick search and I thought it was psyops related.






 We are sure this is a CPT type unit but not sure on the initials



 Another that is CPT related but not exactly sure which school



Korean War USAF and Suwan Air Base related.



 Another Korean War USAF and Suwan Air Base related piece




WWI era large size disc, cap badge size with a L in the center.



WWI era Baltimore City collar device of some sorts, but for what exactly?



Similar in construction to a WWI disc, except it has a smooth almost polished background with FAS in applied silver letters.



Similar in construction to a WWI disc, except it has more of a copper color with a horse's head and a 2 imposed on it. Maybe an early 2nd cavalry piece of insignia?




Another enlisted WWI collar disc. Has a regular T for train but what does the 2 & E stand for?


WWII-Late 1940's construction. Looks like a 42st division patch but with a polar bear in the center. ROTC? 





This is a Philippine Infantry cap badge. It is made out of a pot metal material with heavy, deep enamelled face. Screwback.

What we are curious about is the time period it was worn, and if it is Army , Constabulary, or what.





These three cap badges are also Philippine and look older then the above one. These are made out of thin, cast brass with enamelled shield.

Would love to know the time period and the exact units. 



Some misc. Philippine military brass that also came out of the above mentioned collection. They all look WWII or earlier vintage. 



This is one of those patches that has also been around forever and has never had a positive id. It is Vietnamese hand embroidered on twill.

At one time I thought I saw an id to a service and supply unit, but never proven.



unknown japanese cap badge





 This came out of a large Japanese insignia collection we bought a few years ago. Its heavy gold bullion embroidered details on a blue / grey gaberdine like background. Has a screwback post on the reverse.



unknown eagle beercan di

Can't even take a guess on this one. Its a vintage Vietnamese made beercan, but don't even have a hint to the unit.





early philippine insignia



These are really lightweight, stamped metal pins. They look like they should be a Philippine unit, and early, maybe Spanish American War to WWI era. The one with the crossed flags has hand painted details on the flags.





sandbaggers beercan Probably a novelty badge, but you never know, somewhere there may be a unit id.





4thchinese Not sure if this WWII Chinese or Early Taiawanese. It came out of a WWII SACO grouping.



I believe this is Japanese related. Came out of a large Japanese insignia collection we bought. Hand embroidered on a silk background. Could be upside down in this photo






leper colony

This came out of a Vietnam USAF B-52 bomber group. The patch is Japanese made, and used. The only reference we can find on Leper Colony was a bomber named that from the television show Twelve o'clock high