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Korean War era grouping to a member of the 187th Airborne Regimential Combat Team Hell's Angels. There is a lot of stuff in this group that is easier to see in the photos ( paperwork, etc). The highlights are the custom Japanese made Ridgeway Cap with airborne insignia stitched into it Cut identicial to an issue cap except made on a more coarse twill material. The wings are direct embroidered into the front. There is a private purchase class style Airborne ring that has a set of jump wings engraved into the stone face. The swagger stick is the home run piece in my mind. Black body with either bone or ivory carved jump wings at the top and a single jump boot at the bottom. In the center of the stick is the soldiers name. The three di's and the jump wing all appear to be Japanese made also.His airborne class graduation book is in excellent condition. Lots of souvenir type items included.  This is a cool group to a often overlooked time period. The photos do not do this group justice.