Grey Lined Stenciled L-2B Nylon Flight Jacket

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1950's USAF Grey Lined Stenciled L-2b Nylon Flight Jacket. Standard pre-1964 cross flap style L-2b. Grey lined. Has a really crisp Air Force stencil on the shoulder. Sewn on the epaulettes are fully embroidered Majors leaves. Still has the oxygen flap. The zipper is made by Conmar. The tag is marked JACKET FLYING MANS LIGHT ZONE TYPE L2B SPEC. MIL-J-7448C(USAF) SIZE MEDIUM STOCK NO. 8415-273-3974 ORDER NO AF 36(600)-5175 SKYLINE CLOTHING CORPORATION DRY CLEAN ONLY U.S PROPERTY 35% WOOL 65& RAYON . Has a couple of minor moth nips in the cuffs and one small nip in the collar. Along the waistband is one small nip in the back. It has been worn but still in great shape. You can see where the squadron patch and name tag has been rmeoved.