MASH Co AAF B-1 Summer Flying Cap

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MASH Co. Army Air Forces B-1 Summer Flying Cap. These are by far our favorite cap that MASH remakes. They supplied all of the ones worn in Pearl Harbor also. Size 7. Only 2 types of caps (B-1 Flying Summer Cap which was made by gabardine cotton and B-2 Flying Winter Cap which was made by sheep shirring) were given the name "Flying Cap" in contract name throughout US AAF and AF. B-1 Cap was adopted as first flying cap in 1939. Some characteristic of this cap are body gabardine cotton was constructed by wool warp and cotton woof, visor design that efficiently shuts out the sun light and bakelite that is light and doesn't collapse was used for visor base. Of course, these characteristic are useful in daily use today, also this cap is made to think us original purpose of cap