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MASH CO. Vietnam War SEALS ERDL Camo Helmet Bag. US Army Engineer Research And Development Laboratory developed new camouflage which is composed irregular pattern of 4 colors in 1967. It often call "ERDL Camouflage". This camouflage had 2 color tones, one was more brown tone which is called "ERDL Camo, Brown Dominate", other one was "ERDL Camo, Green Dominate" that is more green tone. Our "ERDL Camouflage Helmet Bag in Vietnam War" is used original "ERDL Camo, Brown Dominate" cloth that we found in USA in1999. Our producing concept of this bag is US Navy Clothing & Textile Research Unit supplied for Seals member who get on helicopter with "Coats, Ammunition Carrying, Buoyant, And Bladder, Flotation/SEAL Jacket/Coat". This bag was not exist in vietnam war, but details of this bag such as using original ERDL cloth, lining and TALON Zipper would think it was exist at the age.