Our Collection

These items are out of our personal collection and are not for sale. These are extremely rare, if not one of a kind, items. Please enjoy the photos and information on this page, however, we want to make it clear these photos are the sole property of Vintage Productions - no copies or misrepresentations will be tolerated.


Famous Vietnam War Correspondent Helen " Patches " Musgrove Badged Out Jungle Blouse and Baseball Hat. Patches Musgrove had her name legally changed to "Patches" while she was a correspondent for the Jacksonville Journal newspaper in Florida. She spent six and a half years in Vietnam on assignment. During this time she collected Zippos & patches from all the troops she worked with and was known as Mother Patches to the South Korean troops. In the 1980's she published a two volume book set titledVIETNAM FRONT ROW CENTER. When her estate was first sold off in the early 90's there were literally trash bags full of Vietnamese made patches and a huge assortment of incountry made pieces of headgear. Also, there were approximately 100 different Zippo lighters from various units presented to her.
Lt. Colonel Martha " Maggie " Raye Jungle Jacket And Green Beret Magazine. Standard fourth model rip-stop jungle jacket. Has officers metal Nurse and Lt Col pinned to the collars. On the button flap is a set of SVN Army Lt Colonels rank blossoms. On the left sleeve is a standard issue subdued 25th division patch and on the right is a Special Forces shoulder patch. In the pocket is a standard issue small size baseball hat with a Lt Col rank pin affixed to it. In the other pocket is a issue of Green Beret magazine dated February 1968 that was mailed to her from a Lt. in the 5th Group Information Office. Great piece that came directly out of her estate.
Pre-10th Special Forces Group Beer Stein. This piece dates to around 1952 before the unit was Special Forces designated. German made glazed pottery. On the front is a German village scene with a paratrooper landing and HEADQUARTERS & HEADQUARTERS PROVISIONAL COMPANY above the scene and BAD TOLZ GERMANY 10TH AIRBORNE GROUP below. This is the only one of these we have ever seen.
First Pattern 10th Special Forces Green Beret. Two piece wool German made green beret. Has the first style German made pinback Trojan Horse beret badge. Badge is marked 800. Also with it is a photo of the first 10th Group reunion of the original members in the early 70's. This beret and the above stein were from the same veteran.
Team A-421 Commanders Scarf from Camp Ba-Xoai . Early Japanese made gaberdine scarf. This belonged to Jim McDonald who was a early commander of this camp. There were only twelve of these made for the unit and each one was personalized to the soldier. We have owned this scarf twice over the last twenty years. I have always said that I never regret selling rare and unusual items, but this was the only piece I ever regretted selling. It took over twelve years to buy it back.
US Marine Corps Charlie Company , 3rd Platoon , 3rd Recon Unit Flag. Japanese made. Named to the Platoon Commander.
Headquarters III Marine Amphibious Force Vietnam Presentation Folder And Paperwork To Martha Raye. Dated November 1968. Has a hand signed photo from General Cushman with a inscription to Martha Raye for her service. On the other side is the certificate of Appreciation.
Vietnam Vintage Ed " Big Daddy " Roth 101st Airborne Sweatshirt. This has a screened on image that was then airbrushed for details. In the lower corner is marked ROTH '66. This and other sweatshirt & T-shirt designs were available outside Ft. Bragg & Ft. Benning for the soldiers to have customized.
Vietnamese Tailor Shop Made Special Forces Tour Shirt. On the pocket is a direct hand embroidered green beret and SF dagger with the name NAN above. On the back shoulder is HAMMER. Also on the back is a Dragon and VIETNAM. Sewn in the collar is a silk woven tailor tag. Have only ever seen two other shirts like this.
442nd Regimental Combat Team Hawaiian Shirt. This is by far one of my favorite pieces in the collection. These were made just after World War Two by THE FRIENDS AND FAMILIES OF THE 442 RCT and were made for the first re-unions. I have also seen womens dresses made out of this material. The pattern has cartoon drawings of the 442 soldiers, battle maps through Italy, France & Germany, likeness of unit patches of all the units the 442 was attached to and their motto GO FOR BROKE. There are also pidgin English slang terms in various places. Have seen photos of two other designs the used for reunions also.
Special Forces Philippine Made Watchband. Also known as a Olongapo bracelet. Stainless steel band. Applied to the sides are a SF SSI, Master Jump Wings, SF Crest & Scuba qualification. The watch is a Seiko dive watch. This belonged to a good friend of mine who was SF in the 70's & 80's.
1960's Bolivian 2nd Ranger Battalion Patch Worn By 8th Special Forces Group Members Out Of Panama. This was the unit that killed Che Guevara.
Apocalypse Now PBR Unit Shoulder Patch. These patches were made in the 1970's in the Philippines for use in the movie. Years ago before we realized what movie props were worth I purchased one of Clean's uniforms and cut it apart just to get this patch. If I only would have known better back then.
Operation Eagle Pull Patch.This is rare patch used by the Marine helicopter units that simultaneously rescue US forces in Saigon and Phnom Pehn on April 12-13, 1975. This one is for the Phnom Penh evac. I actually hat to post this one due to all the slimy fakers on the internet lifting images, but figured some of the collectors would love to see this.
7th Special Forces Unit Guidon. This was the first guidon made for the unit after they were redesignated from the 77th group. This is a killer piece and we have full documentation on the lineage and owners of this flag since day one.
South Vietnamese Air Force 520th Fighter Squadron Unit Flag. This is one of our favorite pieces. For those of you out there that know my main collecting interest is South Vietnamese Air Force wings, should know how highly I feel about this. This flag has incredible provenance. This flag was purchased by Clem Kelly in Saigon in the early 1970's He was in a embroidery shop when the unit commander came in to have a new flag made as this one showed to much use. Clem asked what the commander was going to do with the flag after the new one was made and the commander told him he could have it. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. We are personally not aware of any other original VNAF unit flags in collections. One of our "pride and joy" pieces.
This is a WWII vintage T-shirt for a German Prisoner Of War Camp Ellis in Illinois. Hand written in ink is a swastika and 1944. We have literally handled 100's of WWII vintage printed t-shirts & sweatshirts, and this is the only one we have ever seen or heard of for a POW camp.