90th Fighter Squadron Aces Squadron Patch & Red Silk Scarf

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Incredible WWII 90th Fighter Squadron Aces Squadron Patch & Red Silk Scarf. Wow, where to start with this incredible group. This group belonged to a AAF Flight nurse that had it in one of her many albums. When the estate sale happened this was found along with a few other souvenirs, but we went after this. There is an amazing painted 90th fighter squadron boxing rabbitt squadron patch, that is used. Also with it is a pilots scarf that was made out of parachute silk. It is about twelve and a half by fifty inches, and has been dyed red. With both pieces is a note the nurse wrote that readsĀ  THE ACE'S FLYING SCARF P-40 80TH GROUPĀ  90TH SQUADRON INDIA-1943. There was only one Ace in this squadron and that was Sam Hammer. The other two pieces are just photos of Hammer that we printed. Talk about a super historical group. If I collected CBI, this would never go on the market. As you can tell by the write up, I really like this group......