Enlist As An Air-WAC Recruiting Poster

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WWII AAF Enlist As An Air-WAC Recruiting Poster. Roughly 15 x 20 inches.Has a great almost cartoon image with  ENLIST AS AN AIR-WAC   RELEASE  VITALLY NEEDED AAF TECHNICIANS FOR DUTY IN COMBAT AREAS....  MECHAINCS, CLERKS, WELDERS, RADION AND TELETYPE OPERATORS  ARE ONLY A FEW OF THE TECHNICIANS IN THE WOMENS ARMY CORPS!   ...APPLY IMMEDIATELY AT YOUR NEAREST RECRUITING STATION.... In lower left corner is  REPRODUCTION DIVISION CHANUTE FIELD, ILLINOIS. On the right is  PFC M PHILLIP BRADY  CHANUTE FILED ILL USAAF. This is one I have not seen before. In excellent condition. In a cheap plastic frame right now but will removed when we ship.