B-16 WASP Cloth Flight Jacket

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Rare WWII AAF B-16 WASP Cloth Flight Jacket. Cut similar to a B-15. OD cotton outer body with an alpacha lining and fur collar. Instead of a woven tag it has a white tag with  JACKET  INTERMEDIATE-FLYING-WASP  TYPE B-16  SPECIFICATION NO 3224  SIZE 14  STOCK NO 3300-470762  ORDER NO (33-038) 45-769AF  SOVEREIGN MFG COMPANY. Has the offset zipper in chest.. Can't explain how rare this jacket is as you never see them. The WWII Flight Nurse B-17 is hard to find but would be considered common compared to this one. This jacket has been worn. It shows wear and use around the cuffs and there are some bug bites in the knits, but none of this distracts from this rare jacket.