CFN-24 Colvinex Leather US Navy Heavy Flight Suit

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WWII US Navy Leather COLVINEX Flight Suit. Heavyweight, brown leather suit, wth a brown fur collar. Has numerous Talon zippers, and all have the leather pulls still attached. Belted front. Inside the next is the woven COLVINEX tag. Below it is the printed SUIT ELECTRICALLY HEATED BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS US NAVY tag. Marked a size 40. Looks barely worn, in fact the only sign of use is the lower corner of the printed tag has come loose. This one looks like the electrical plugs were never installed. Has been stored dfor awhile, but overall condition is great. In the third photo it looks like there are lighter colored spots on the right side, but that is just from the lights. This piece is really heavy, so shipping is not going to be cheap.