Incredible 118th Air Mobile Uniform Group

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Incredible Vietnam 118th Air Mobile Uniform Group. Included in this group is a khaki tan cowboy boonie hat. Sewn on the front is a Bien-Hoa Viet-Nam tab. On the snapped up brim side is a SORRY ABOUT THAT TAB iwth a 118th Aviation and MACV beercan di, pinned on each side of tab. Boonie is marked a size 59. Next is a rare Special Warfare issue lightweight OD poplin shirt. On the left sleeve is sewn a fully embroidered MACV patch. There is a black and white name strip and black and gold US ARMY strip. On the right pocket, hand stitched to the pocket, is a 118th Aviation Air Mobile (LT) pocket oatch. Shirt has the soldiers name writeen in the collar. Looks like it was a re-issue shirt as there is another name written on tag but has been scratched out. Marked a szie large. Latly therte is his OG-107 shirt from when he went back to the states. Everything is in great condition, and is really rare to see one of these special warfare shirts today. This group is straight out of an estate sale....