18th Engineers Officer's Direct Embroidered BDQ Camo Uniform

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18th Engineer Officers Direct Embroidered BDQ / Ranger Pattern Camo Uniform. The uniform is the lightweight pattern. The shit is two tone, with the main body being one pattern, and one chest pocket and a elbow re-enforcement, are in different patterns. On the left sleeve is a US embroidered on twill 18th engineers patch. On the chest is direct embroidered US ARMY and his name. The collars have,a lso direct embroidered, a LT rank and a engineer castle. The shirt has the ARVN QM stamp and is marked a size A% and dated April 1968. The trousers are also in the lightweight pattern. On the QM stamp is marked Q% and is dated July 1968. The trousers have been tailored in the waist. Both pieces are in great shape.