Beo Gam / Leopard Pattern Tailor Made Camo Set

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Incredible Tailor Made Beo Gam / Leopard Pattern Camo Set. Ywo piece. Shirt is cut in a first pattern OG-107 shirt style with two chest pockets. The camo is printed on a semi-lightweight hbt material, in a very dull leopard / duck hunter pattern. In the collar is sewn is Tu-Do street tailor shop tag. The trousers are also cut in a OG-107 style, except on the outside of the right patch pocket is sewn a small change / watch like pocket. It too has the same Saigon tailor shop tag. Looks very lightly worn, but there are a few very samll "pulls" in the material on the back. I have never had another piece in this pattern. About a medium.