Amazing Junk Force Advisors Uniform Set

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Wow, Let's start off the New Years with the only Junk Force Advsiors uniform we have ever handled.

Group consists of a black pajama set and custom beret. The black pajama set is standard Vietnamese made. Lightweight cotton. Has short and trousers. Both pieces has a small paper M (medium) size tag in collar.  The beret is a three piece, black wool body, with satin liner. Inside the plastic sweat diamond is a silk woven Styles Tailors tailor tag and a paper size 55 tag. Sewn to the front of the beret is a Japanese machine embroidered, enlisted junk force with a green background patch. I have handled 100's of junk force berets over the year but have never seen another one like this. This group was bought out of an antique shop in Illinois about ten years ago, and we bought it about five years ago. I put it away for safe keeping ( you know what that really means is I lost it and forgot where I put it), and just found it over the weekend. Like I said earlier this is the only Junk Force Advisor's uniform we have ever handled. For sure a museum quality piece.