Meiji Restoration Period Japanese Samurai Recruiting Poster

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Japanese Meiji Restoration Period Samurai Recruiting Poster. Roughly sixteen and a half inches by twenty-two inches. Printed on a semi-thick paper. Has a image of a barracks grounds. With notation and numbers. Roughly translated it is asking the Samurai's to come join the Imperial Forces and they will receive housing, training, and pay, and to fight the enemies of Japan. Also with it is a tissue like paper handout. The poster has been folded and has a couple of very small seperations on the left side, on the folds. Otherwise great shape. We will not ship this framed, as it would cost the buyer way too much for postage. Plus, we put it in this frame so that it wouldn't get damaged. This is a really great piece of the "Last Samurai" era. Its amazing to know this piece of paper has lasted this long.